The PHPforFB Framework is the best, easy and efficient way of programming Facebook® apps and page apps!

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PHPforFB version 2.0
comming 2014!

Version 2.0 has a lot of new features: Subscriptions and Statistic features, Social Plugin Support (Login / Register with Facebook®), Mobile App Support and much more.

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What is PHPforFB?

PHPforFB is a PHP framework that helps to simplify the development and operation of Facebook® applications (and page extensions). By the help of this framework, you can write and publish Facebook® applications quickly and efficiently, while only basic PHP and web knowledge is required.


The benefit of PHPforFB is that you have only marginally to deal with Facebook® server communication and its respective interfaces. Instead, you can concentrate on the development and functionality of your application.


The PHPforFB framework provides the Facebook® functionality and access to its interfaces, which are indispensable for an Facebook® application.

Two examples:

  • The whole process of prompting the user for permissions is taken care of with a simple method.
  • Dashboard entries can be posted with a single method invocation.

If you have ever written a Facebook® application before, you probably know how difficult and tiresome it can be to achieve even simple goals. Much is documented only incompletely, and many important details must be worked out difficultly.


This work is now being undertaken for you by PHPforFB!

Why use PHPforFB framework?

PHPforFB makes it easy to develop Facebook® applications, and it reduces the development time and effort to the bare application programming.

The most important advantages of the PHPforFB framework:

  • PHPforFB allows for an improved user-friendliness!
  • PHPforFB increases the performance of your application more than fivefold by caching
    Facebook® query results internally!
  • PHPforFB runs on any server, even on inexpensive mass hosters' small web space!
  • PHPforFB runs with any PHP version since PHP 5.0!
  • PHPforFB increases your efficiency, lowers the development costs and saves time!
  • and much more ...

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Download for free

PHPforFB is free for use. You may create unlimited numbers of commercial or non-commercial applications with no per seat or per user payments!


Just download PHPforFB framework and start today with your own Facebook® Apps!

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